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Jul 24, 2012

The Chop!

Dear Diary,
SO I have been thinking about cutting my locs a lot shorter for a while now,I hesitated.................
and hesitated............
lol like i've said before the length of my locs make me feel like Samson from the bible , literally :)
but i decided to be practical,
the locs are now almost at bum lenght, they are heavy! I teach and my kids often think they are part of a climbing frame andddd if i don't cut them soon they will grow longer than me!
So there I sat and this lovely husband of mine did the big chop..


to my greatest delight, post chop i feel lighter.. my kneck feels lighter, the summer breeze is rolling through my locs and i am styling, styling styling..
so all in all a great decision.
all hair needs a trim and also to be kept at a workable lenght so ladies, dread head or not ..scissors are friends :)