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Hi!, I started this blog quite selfishly and yet not. I had just become a new mum and I needed a space to air out my thoughts. I’ve neve...

Apr 29, 2014


there is no excuse for how long it has been since I posted.. the truth is well with this lovely little baby , i barely have two free hands free at once to type!!1
now she is older , things have more of a routine feel and im back on hair issues.
I learnt a couple of things during my blogging absence..

1. Swedish weather does not suit my natural hair... im all frizzed up and flat every single day!!!! there is just no bounce in my hair
2. I miss the locs
3. Braids are life savers!!

so im thinking i might start up the locs again this summer... :)

In other news met with a community of people involved and in love with black hair so thats truly promising..

This food business..

So we exclusively breasted until baby girl was four months and then one day we were eating baguette sandwiches and she launched herself towards the bread with total determination.
l So we got the message and started her on solids,
that was when she was 4 months..
we ate the shop bought eko mashed baby food and fruit, well enough but never with much ‘gusto’.
Baby refused all porridge, baby formula, milk all the regular good stuff but she seemed to like the fancy stuff like salmon and beef etc..

I spent sooooooooooooooo much time making her mashed foods, cooking , pealing, pureeing.
Trust me, after all that effort, you feel like crying when baby purses her lips together with a determined no!

But you live and learn, after much experimenting..we have finally figured out our 7 month old,
she basically just doesn’t want baby food..
she wants , what we are having.. no matter how spicy the meal lol…
so I have progressed from purée duty to cooking mini meals, identical to ours but a little less this.. and a little less that and is working really well..
Her favourite ‘food’ is now chicken, and she especially loves sucking on the bones! Apparently sucking on chicken bones is good on sore gums from teething too..

She still eats my pureed fruit, so I’ve found shortcuts to make my life easier with those..
so for you mommas out there .. here is a quick fix for baby fruit puree
1. Buy smoothie fruit from your frozen foods counter
2. Add a couple of fresh fruit ..i often use pears or apples
3. Peel apple and pear..
4. Cut in little chunks , put in a pan with water and boil down till soft..
5. Mash it all up with a spoon and your done! :D
#mummydiaries #feedingtoddlers #easybabyrecipe

Apr 27, 2014


SO I always thought pregnancy would be tough...
and indeed it was for me...
let me just run through a couple of memorable highlights...
For one, I, Miss efficient -can -do -anything-in -the world simply lost my brain!
No seriously, with pregnancy came memory loss, the amount of times I went to the store with no purse is too many to count...or even better, stand at the till and have no idea what my card pin code is..I don’t know what it is about pregnancy, but honestly I became ditzy! Literally...

In the first few months, there is also the need for sleep.
I could pass out anywhere, on the bus, in class, in the playground (bearing in mind I’m a teacher you can imagine, how great that was).
Add to that the fact that you’re not really allowed coffee through pregnancy, it just made for one great Mission Impossible.

Morning sickness is a con.
What it really is, is the need to throw up randomly throughout 9months at any point of time or place.
Mine were often triggered by the smell of a supermarket rarely in the morning ..:p

Random food cravings:
I did pretty good with that one... for about 2 weeks I ate only quiches but aside from that I was good.
I did however develop a little sweet tooth.
Before pregnancy I hated pastries and deserts of all sorts..
And trust me I’ve tried, living in Paris was desert heaven, but none of it was for me..
HOWEVER during pregnancy I started eating cookies and cakes and candy.. 

The little kicks and flutters in your ever expanding waist are also totally marvellous.
The rest was fine except my constant apprehension about the birth..
not just because you know, you need to push a little human being out.. But I’ve always had a fear of hospitals so my anxiety was irrational and rational all at once.
I psyched myself into it though and planned a lovely natural birth with as little as possible intervention and calmly awaited the due date.
And then suddenly, 2 weeks too early.. baby was delivered by c-section,
my first full on operation ever!!!
It was actually really fine and quick..
We felt the worst was over, our little girl was born absolutely perfect and gorgeous.
Just like that I now needed to share my husband’s heart with another girl
Just like that my entire world literally shifted into a new focus.
#mummydiaries #pregnancy #newmummy

Apr 26, 2014

The Chronicles...Super Girl to Pregnancy

I am a focused person.
I've always known the direction I wanted to go in, and followed my goals with all the determination I could muster.
I'm well travelled and have gathered a world of experience.
All this to say it takes a lot to really throw me off balance and yet this year has been just that...a complete game changer!!!
I faced something that hit me with a cartoon like KAPOW! and nothing , no book, no one could have prepared me for this...

All my life I’ve kept the old school, book diaries and recently through my Facebook updates I’ve kept track of this whole journey, but I feel it’s time to join on the social media bandwagon and start blogging about it..
I hope only to share my experiences; I am no parenting guru or what not, just a mom who really is living something spectacular that deserves chronicling!
Oh yes, big words for such a big experience innit ..:p
So let me tell you about me,
..I love children, when I was about 8 I decided I was going to work with kids and I have, at university, after university, through my career and even on holidays I would volunteer to work with kids.
Recently I started working as a preschool teacher. So children are always and have always been around me. In 2012 I worked with toddler’s everyday! Some peoples nightmare, to me totally enjoyable and challenging in the best way possible...

So when I got pregnant in 2013, I was super excited but totally unafraid.
I was like... “yeah this is going to be great, I’ve been in training for this my whole life!!."
Also I have an amazing husband, the kind who supports you and cares, does housework, loves children, long walks and PDA :D.
together we felt like having this baby was truly going to be GRAND!
and we could do it..Easy breezy...
What I learnt 9 months later was a shocking and considering all the mummy’s I know, I can’t believe no one told me it was going to be like this... so here we go, I’m sharing our journey for your giggles and consideration. #mummydiaries #newmummy

The First Few Weeks

So the first things after super long cuddles...constant elation..tears of happiness..and a million photos..you attempt the all important breastfeeding. I knew some people needed support but , I mean everyone I’ve seen breastfeed they just do it like it’s the simplest most natural thing in the world! So I was kinda thinking I’ve had this baby and even had an operation so clearly the worse is over, now we just need to heal, recover get some sleep and go home..Be happy THE END lol Someone should have smacked me silly, the glorious challenge called motherhood was just beginning. Breastfeeding was something that I was and still am 100 percent committed to. I personally believe that it is important and preferable if possible to breastfeed so I was actually excited to nurture my baby in that way. Little did I know there was latching , cracked bleeding nipple, proper positioning and pain to consider!!! it probably took a month to get over the breastfeeding pains. Accomplishing that made me feel like a true champion I can tell you that! Somehow though, i felt like i totally ill prepared for breastfeeding..again, i wish someone had toldme that more often than not, it takes patience and perseverance to get it to 'work.' No one told me that babies do not just naturally breastfeed,my mistake for assuming. I’m telling you , it’s one of those things that took a while to get the hang of, but now it’s done… baby and mummy are happy campers! Another thing, I remember everyone telling me ,get as much sleep as you can but again , no one ever explained why!?!?! Well here is why …my baby needed to be woken every 2-3 hours for feeding..I almost never slept in-between those feeds so we were truly zombified… Zombified, is the term I coined to describe the low functioning happy state that I generally was in for those first couple of months.. What makes it even more insane is the myriad of feelings that surge ranging for nurturing to protectiveness around the baby. I may have been tired but nothing was more important that baby being comfortable, warm, fed and happy. And she was tiny , beautiful and just too amazing. When she yawned my heart would melt like butter each and every time. We never felt more joy in our lives as we did those first few weeks. Corny as it sounds those movie lines “ I would do anything for you” all started to ring true. just a little note : during these first few weeks its probably not wise to do as i did and make significant decisions like whether to move house or cut off 7 year old dread locks as these decisions may not be sound!! :p #mummydiaries #breastfeeding