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Hi!, I started this blog quite selfishly and yet not. I had just become a new mum and I needed a space to air out my thoughts. I’ve neve...

May 30, 2014

Baby-fro-diaries converges with my mummy diaries

I recently decided to merge my too blogs into one reason being:
1 . writing and tracking two blogs is more than i think i can handle

2 . my interest in hair was born out of my concern about my unborn childs hair and issues around beauty.all of which feed into my mummy diaries anyway!

So please forgive any confusion and happy reading

An Ode to Single Mamas

So many times during the last few months I've sat and wondered just how the single mommas do it all by themselves.
I have to admit i have the most loving, hands on husband ever.
After my cesarean i found myself barely able to walk,
zombified because of lack of sleep,
unable to turn to pick baby up by myself to put her on my breast..
i couldn't even dress myself without quite a bit of pain.  He stepped up. Without my husband I dont see how I would have suvived without desperation or sinking into some sort of post natal depression. 
Even when i got the hang of  things I couldn't wait for hubby to get home from work  so i could hand him the baby!
I think single mums must have some superpower of some sort.
They manage to have a baby,
work off the baby weight, Cook, clean house, attend appointments on time and basically raise a whole child AND they make it look easy because the ones i know never complain!       
so right here..right now ..i proclaim single mommas..super mamas :)
you all inspire me to juggle motherhood and wifehood better.

Ps -Single Papas you guys are beyond amazing too not to worry you will get own post soon, promise:)

May 29, 2014

My journey choosing a baby carrier

One of the things that I’ve struggled a bit with was figuring out which baby carrier would work for me.. looking online doesn’t really help because they’re a million out there and I feel each carrier fits differently based on everyone’s body shape!.i am short and baby is rather tall like her papa so it was a bit tricky fitting her comfortably on my torso. The most popular, seemed to be the Baby Bjorn where I live in Sweden, but baby hated that and I felt like it restricted baby’s comfort and movement around her hips and thighs. This one however is daddy's favorite.  Maybe a height thing.. but it does have one benefit over the others: you can carry front facing on you chest as well as belly to belly as i call it :)
   The next one was the Moby Wrap.. ergonomically sound, comfortable, baby liked it, I liked it, my back didn’t hurt BUT its like 6 meters of fabric that you have to learn to tie and I just never learnt how to do it quickly without stressing and baby was more often than not screaming to be held at the same time. finally we got the Ergo carrier with the baby insert!! woohoo lightweight, comfortable for baby and mummy, quick to put on and take off even with wriggling , screaming baby. baby can be held both front facing me and on my back which she loves. I do wish it could carry her front facing too but I hear they are developing a carrier to fix this :) The ergo is the one I use 99percent of the time . Good around the house or on a day out. I have one last favourite from Mexico its called a rebozo. It’s basically a fabric sling with a ring..sooo easy to put on, baby can nurse in it and very comfy on the hip when doing stuff around the house and baby is being clingy, refusing to be put down. I use it day to day but only for short periods of time. Ella is only 8kg at 8and half months so not very heavy but still I cant have her in it for very long. nevertheless I do love it and recommend it .


And to finish of todays post, here is my gorgeous hubby with baby in the Ergo :D

May 24, 2014

Body Issues

Another unexpected turn in motherhood has been body issues. I’ve never been skinny, I’m short and super curvy but I’ve always loved my curves and been extremely comfortable in my skin. I’ve known this skin and body for 29 years and I love it.. during pregnancy I didn’t do any fancy exercises but I did continue working to the end and by the 9th month, I had gained a little weight but nothing too major.. it had never even occurred to me that I would need to think about actively losing weight. Everything and everyone seemed to believe that once you breastfed, the weight literally fell off . I breastfed exclusively for almost 9 months now and the weight seems determined to stay. I have to say I had a c-section and I am not the gym type, I walk and eat healthy and that’s all I can honestly fit in right now. It is hard however for me to accept this new body and shape. I don’t know what to wear, how to dress, nothing fits and that’s been a challenge. Before delivery I thought I would have stretchmarks on my belly to remind of the beautiful moment when baby and I were one. I have not a single stretch mark on my belly , but I do have a pretty round belly that almost looks like I am still pregnant. I think image becomes very important after delivery, I’ve been so tired and focused about my gorgeous daughter that I as a person have taken a back seat..and for me looking frumpy often leads to feeling frumpy.. I saw this lovely short video the other day and I knew I had to share it as the author says “everyBODY is beautiful” its just about relearning how to love it or making the changes that fit in your life :D The video link http://www.upworthy.com/the-story-behind-one-of-the-best-before-and-after-photos-ive-ever-seen?c=upw1.. Her website www.bodyimagemovement.com/

May 11, 2014

Protective styling

Well ive had my hair in a  protective style aka Senegalese twists for a little over a month now so now that were on a family holiday i decided to undo and let my hair breathe again..
So after a a good wash and conditioner i am pleasantly surprised with the lenght..strenght and return of natural color!!
Now as this was totally unplanned and i am away from home i have no oils..no cremes nada..will have to keep all posted on how this new situation develops..

May 4, 2014

Three in One

Been keeping a keen eye on babys hair texture and trying to figure it out in our ever changing Stockholm weather..
Now that she is 8 months I’m pretty sure she has three very distinct hair textures on that little head of hers.
Right at the back its dead straight and extremely soft..in the middle she has pure kinky hair, and on the top half of her head its lovely small very defined curls.
so for I’ve found that its easiest to detangle with a mixture of oil and water sprayed on every morning. then we slowly work a large tooth comb through till completely smooth. ..once that’s done i go through with a fine tooth comb to remove any particles that maybe in her hair. and were good to style! right now sitting still is still an issue so i do something quick..two little braids at the back and one puff at the top!

Baby Milestones

I looked at my little girl today and she is 8 months old now..
her growth and development is remarkable and when I think back the following were major milestones for me!!!!
today we had one huge milestone, she had her first shopping related tantrum lol..
we saw some cute sunglasses for toddlers,
i put them on her,
we smiled in the mirror,
THEN i tried to take them off to put them back and she began screaming ,kicking her legs, throwing her head back and baiscially going alll crazy on me..
I couldnt help but laugh its sounded like the beginning of the end lol

7 months..
she grew an attitude..
she starting displaying anger when she didn’t get what she wanted..
and shouting/babbling instead of just crying to express herself.
She also learnt how to pretend to be sad so mummy could rush over and then flash me a brilliant smile..
another great one is clapping, all of a sudden just like that last night she looked at us and clapped her little hands !
and finally sounds..’Dada’..’Nana’ ..im sure ‘mama’ is just around the corner lol

6 months..
loads of drool,
fever and pain led to two awesome little bottom teeth!And if that wasn’t major enough.. she started babbling..making loads of great sounding noises, only intelligible to other babies 6 months of age.

4 months..
she sat down unaided..
well with a little balance issue but still..
sitting hoorah.!
Super interested in grown folks food and extremely excitable

6weeks..she smile at us.
#mummydiaries #babymilestones