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Jun 29, 2014

"....put some windex..i mean breastmilk on it!!! :)

I hope you guys watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding before..well in the movie the dad sprays windex on anything. .its the magic remedy for burns, pimples. Everything !!
Turns out breastmilk is pretty much liquid gold too!

Gold yes because the first few months it was yellow(not beautifully white like I thought). Apparently thats just the way it is..full of goodness and superstuff to give your baby  everything they need to grow and thrive at least for the first 6 months

Seemed to me that every time I would call our pediatrician about something her answer was always.. "Put some breastmilk on it!:
For example:

baby has excema due to overly dry skin
"Put some breastmilk on it"

Baby has a bad cold and her nose is blocked
"Put some some breastmilk in her nose"

Baby has an infection
"Let her breastfeed"

Baby has diarrhea
"Let her breastfeed some more"

Breastmilk is apparently an antiseptic and has all the super nutrients for our little ones. I have always been a fan of breastfeeding but now i'm turning Activist lol:) so mamas don't you worry about breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere, just ignore the weird stares and know you are literally carrying and feeding your little one the.. best.. thing..EVER :D

Although I would love to end this post here, it just occurred to me that mums-to-be like me a while back, would have been slightly misled at this point.
The truth is the first time a baby latches on to breastfeed, and latches is just the fancy word to say the baby sucks on your nipple..well it hurts.
I didn't know or expect pain so that was a great big shocker for me. It really really hurts, and sometimes your breasts will get dry and crack. Lets just say it is not easy.
To me it was worth all the pain because of some of the reasons listed above and i am a Breastfeeding Believer!.
Also there are things that help sooth the pain and get baby to latch on properly so they get enough milk and your breast isn't being tortured.
1. Nipple Shields, they are little plastic nipple shaped things, you can buy and put over your breast , that really helped me with the pain and cracks
2. babys position can also affect how breastfeeding feels initially so try a few to find a comfortable one. The best for me was having babys nose parallel to mouth so baby is lying across your belly
3. Nipple Cream, there are loads available that you just put on and its soothing and cooling and helps your nipple heal faster .
4. Talk to someone (professional/friend/blogger/mums forum) who has breastfed, or talk to everyone you know who has breastfed, get tips and support or even just a hug makes it better.
The struggle for me subsided after about a month, and after that it was a pain-free and loving experience for us both..

Hold Me Tight 'HMT'

I'm about to reveal another mummy secret that I really think every momma should be told BEFORE delivery at the very latest.

Aparently once you've delivered you should wear a 'shaper kinder belt thing' to hold your belly in and help everything go back to its orginal place.  Aparently if you do it immediately after delivery you most likelt will get a flat tummy.ESPECIALLY if you've had a C-section!!! 

I didnt know this was a rule! ! I have one friend who told me this but I didnt take it as anything too crucial to remember. I had to have a planned cesarean so the idea of tying my belly was a big no no.  Once the morphine from the operation wears off ..trust me the pain is real and the soreness ..unbelievable, except for those moments when you're entirely still, holding baby..during those moments you're in heaven and nothing else matters!

So apart from the pain..aparently after the operation your belly is full of gas and that took like a week to go down. .I literally looked and felt pregnant still..honestly I had a perfectly painful bloated belly after delivery. .again the idea of strapping on a waist belt seemed like an impossibility not that I was even considering it

Now a couple of months later my baby belly is still around refusing to budge and I cannot help but notice some mums dont have one, whether they work out or not, breastfeed or not! . Seems good old genetics and body metabolism has a role to play too.
9 months after delivery this baby belly makes me look approximately 5 months pregnant all the time and its just frustrating and embarrassing.  So ive turned to the waist shapers again.
Here is what ive learnt

1. they cost a bomb! The good ones are no less than 30$ and go up to 150$
2. There are a million styles..
3. The sales people all swear that they make you loose weight

So I tried one on and they are pretty uncomfortable thats to be expected .BUT my belly is definitely tucked away!! (See pictures). I just  started wearing it this week so I will update you guys if I notice weight loss. I have to mention that everyone has now told me im wearing it late in the game..I should have been doing this months ago but I didnt know  and frankly my appearance was the last thing on my mind up until a few weeks ago:(.
Based of how they feel I have baptised my shapers "hold me tight ,HMT" lol, cause it feels like a constant tight hug around your tummy.
I must say that knowing that my belly is not sticking out makes me feel much much much much more comfortable and even beautiful! Hooray!!

These are the two  styles ive chosen. The full body I wear for fancy dresses or nights out (those are rather rare). The waist one im trying to wear all day. Sales ladies say I should wear it at least 4 hours a day to see an effect. .

So ladies get yourself a 'hold me tight' BEFORE delivery if possible or as soon as you deliver and attempt to put it on as soon as you feel you can.

Jun 23, 2014

The importance of a Mother for a Mother

Being a mother has made me see my mum with new lenses, with renewed admiration and increased understanding.
I have a super mama..you know the kind that takes care of everything and everyone. Growing up she was our cook, teacher, plumber, electrician, counsellor, driver and everything else you could think of. Together with my dad they raised their children to dream big and follow those dreams wherever ..fearlessly. 
This philosophy has taken me pretty much around the world and I think growing up we naturally begin to take parental love for granted. I mean its always there..always constant.No matter how naughty ,annoying , pigheaded or difficult I am or was. My parents remain a constant source of truth and love. My mum often told me if you stink people will just move away or avoid you but I will never hesitate to tell you "child you stink! Go have a shower " lol :D
  Well having a baby made me get it..I get that my mum never needs privacy or space from us. I get that she is always available no matter the time or situation. I get that even at 30 she would always have me in her bed if I needed her. I now get it because the love that was born with my daughter is like nothing i've ever felt. Its all encompassing and makes you loose yourself. Being second place feels normal as long as my child is first. I can go without eating or showering or anything if baby needs something.  Her cries make my heart ache even when I know shes just being unreasonable.  When she approaches someone new i'm always worried that they may reject her and her hurt feelings, break my soul. Nothing is too much or too little. .with my baby I am unreasonable
Before motherhood you could set me like a scale or compass.. I rarely would choose sides and always tried to be understanding of everyone and everything. I was one of those naive people you meet who believe in equity, equality and world peace! Yes I said it!!...world peace..:D
Having a baby changed me. I have never ever fought in my life..not even with my  siblings but I know I would fight my babys' every battle.
Having a baby made me not only understand my mum it made me need her more. Who else can read me through a picture even when I'm miles away.

I realize I will never ever be able to love my mum how she loves me..just like my daughter's love wont match mine.  Must be human nature. I am certain though that I can only be the mum I am because of my mum. And being a mum made me a better daughter.

Je t'aime maman☺💙

Jun 14, 2014

Breastfeed everywhere..anywhere..anytime! BF Proudly :)

Last weeks debacle about that graduate breastfeeding left me feeling a little underwhelmed with the general public.
I felt there should have been a pro -breastfeeding rally of somesort in support of this young woman! ☺..ok maybe a little extreme but  here are a few reasons why I felt so strongly about this.

For one she's doing the right thing! !!! There she is in the picture..graduate! Young! Black woman! ! Breastfeeding! ! Hellooo.. its the perfect picture of accomplishment.i say well done

I read the outrightly negative comments and the inbetween ones saying they're not against breastfeeding per-se but.. the photo could wait..why did it need to be on camera..well why not!?..i mean, just last week the world applauded Rihannas nudity dress and now we flinch from a boob..one thats actually being used for the best purpose in the world! 

It made me sad that women feel conflicted about this..unsure or even ashamed.. my earlier post "put some windex..i mean breastmilk on it" went through a couple of the genius reasons why breastfeeding is golden so i wont reiterate. But what does bother me as a mum is that a woman's body is exploited as a marketing tool everyday..to sell fragrance or underwear .partially naked women are on tv..billboards..the internet everywhere and thats ok HOWEVER once we whip out a boob to breast feed it becomes controversial and open to debate.  Well thats just outrageous in my little Emilyland!
My body is mine and i will choose to breastfeed wherever and whenever baby desires it without comments from outsiders thank you.
Yesterday i was walking in downtown LA and my 9month old started to have a super tantrum demanding to feed..so i stood right there in the corner of the street and started to feed her. Once she was happy and settled suckling, i looked up and whoosh a camera on a crane zoomed by my head.  Only then did I notice the whole intersection was being filmed and an actress in a skin tight rubber suit was reciting her lines 2 meters away from me.  I hope we do show up in the background of some Universal Studios  movie breastfeeding ha! (i checked the logo on their vans) just goes to show the wonderful situations breastfeeding can lead to.

On a more serious note breastfeeding is hard and painful in the beginning. Mums are often super self conscious about doing it ..having to lift your shirt in public..risking someone seeing stretchmarks or belly that embarrasses you even further..i just feel the world should let us be..let us do this without your judgment or negativity.

To that effect i am starting my very own personal movement feel free to join  post a proud breastfeeding moment , hashtag and share.