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Oct 1, 2014

Got My Cape and my Boots ready..!!

Once i became a mother i realised that some days its literally like Mission Impossible and we are Tom Cruise :). We do THE Impossible whilst keeping calm and gorgeous on the exterior lol. Well since going back to work , i've discovered a new super power; one that I am presently developing..very ...very slowly... this new superpower is the balancing act, the ability to wake up before the sunrise , make it to work, do a good job there and come home and be a brilliant wife and mother .
Sounds fairly simple, in fact most mums i've spoken to already know one such super hero, our mothers and fathers!

I remember my mum being up before everyone and vaguely know that she was doing something to do with food. After work I also remember doing homework with her before she attended to the kitchen , and various other 'chores' and THEN she headed out for shopping or a meeting or choir etc.. it was a fairly normal life.
Now that I am a mother, I can see her routine with a slightly different lense and angle. I now wake up after very little sleep ( little one is still up several times a night) , I get myself showered and ready for work, Put some make up on, because seriously I need it now, I defrost some meal I pre-prepared earlier for dinner, then head out for 8 hours. When I get home, tired with aching legs,im greeted by a one year old who has missed me all day, she wont let me out of her sight. So together we have a little cuddle and start dinner; during dinner preparation I fix her a snack and give it to her. After dinner is ready, we prep the next days dinner, then get her clothes out for tomorrow, my clothes out for tomorrow and any laundry that needs sorting before dinner. Then its dinner time! After dinner its bath time.. then baby gets into her pjs and I take her in to bed ( the taking to bed bit involves tears, singing, story reading and then i cave and breastfeed often!). Once she is in bed, I sort out my bag for the next day and kinda collapse into bed. Ready to start over again the next day. The trick im still working on is keeping my energy up so that Ella gets the best of mummy and her daddy too..people at work also have to see the shiny upbeat version of me . that’s the bit that’s still being developed where i'm concerned.. Im functioning just fine, in a wonderfully exhausted state, and looking rather haggard ; but i'm getting there. Soon I will have all the skills, cape, super boots and all , I hope to fit it all in, mummy, wife, friends, being able to pick up phone calls, going to the movies, responding to emails within two weeks, sorting out my hair properly..ohhh the luxury .. the future is looking bright for this superhero!

come rain or swedish winters, migraine, the flu or the sniffles..i'm on call 24/7 in this awesome space in my life that i actually TRULY LOVE.