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Mar 17, 2015

First Day at School

So its actually day two
Ella Marie is one and a half and on Monday she started her education journey.
Unlike other countries, Sweden once again is incredibly pedagogic when it comes to starting day care.
We the parents have to be at the school with our little ones for at least three days.. we shadow them and make sure that the transition isnt abrupt.

I have worked in preschools so i've been on the other side of the fence,
I know that the best thing a parent can do really is just be there and be boring,
let the teachers find a connection with our babies, let them play with you little one, help feed them, rock them to sleep..
let them find each other in the safety and assurance that mummy or daddy or both are right there in the background.
Many have been asking me how ellas first day went,
I find it hard to five a straight answer,
the truth is it went super well,
and thats what makes it super hard

I prayed that she would feel at home and build that connection with her teachers
that she would feel comfortable enough to nap there from the first day,
my little one can be a major introvert, she can be shy and not say a word for hours if she feels uncomfortable,
i was worried, so worried

well it went great, she played all day
she interacted with the other kids
she cuddled her teachers,
she ate by herself
she feel asleep in teachers arms, woke up and wouldn't even let daddy hold her
she basically had the best time and didnt cry once

When they cut her umbilical cord an invisible cord remained
that cord was stretched even further this week,
she waved goodbye at me without a hint of sadness
she didn't need mummy or daddys cuddles to find solace
she was confident and not my little baby anymore..
talk about bitter sweet

Mar 4, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Thank you for the birthday wishes..
I love birthdays,
the older i get the harder it gets to celebrate,
on my birthday i worked from 9.30 to 1800 and then went to a meeting immediately till 2000ish..got home at 2130 totally deadbeat,
I am however not complaining,
apart from missing my daughter beyond belief i am totally fine.
i still have so much to be grateful for.
its all perspective, just the day before my birthday a young friend, a kind heart passed away in his sleep..
he wasnt even 35.

we are alive
we are healthy
we are in love
we are kind
we are free
and we together
we can dance in our pyjamas
we can laugh through our phones
we can reach for our dreams

so happy birthday to me,
cheers with a glass of water
im so blessed and happy to be right here.